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Choosing Joy


One year on and today is probably bringing up a mix of emotions for all of us. 

We’re often asked how do we keep going? How do we carry the emotional labour daily and not be consumed by anger. Not be paralysed by fear. Not be depressed by the insidious lie that Black and Global Majority People are ‘less than’. 

Well, what you pay attention to grows, so we choose to focus on our collective joy as opposed to our collective struggle.

We practice being kind to ourselves, taking time to heal and to breathe. To give and receive radical generosity. 

In our workshops for Black and Global Majority folk, we introduce a ‘Toolbox of Joy’ that we build on in each session – a collection of actions big and small that we can dip into when we need them. 

Here’s some of our favourites from the Sour Lemons team:

  1. Watching Dr Maya Angelou perform ‘And Still I Rise’ – Sade
  2. Changing my ringtone to the sound of my niece’s laughter – Shoomi
  3. Tickling my son – Titi 
  4. A three-minute dance party in between Zoom meetings – Chloe
  5. Eating roast potatoes for breakfast – Amber

Remember, joy and anger can exist at the same time. This exercise is not about denying the anger that we feel. It’s about prioritising joy as a tool for survival when things get too much. Or to protect us from the harshness of the world towering over us. 

Audre Lorde taught us that caring for ourselves is “not self-indulgence, it is an act of political resistance.”

So take a moment to create your list and use joy as a form of resistance. Share it with us so we can keep adding to the collective Toolbox of Joy and keep paying attention to what we grow together!

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