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Tope Onanuga

Everyone Should Fail

Everyone should fail

What we can all learn from failure

Being honest, and as everyone knows, failure sucks. I have had some moments in life where I have failed. One of the things that has stuck out to me during the process of me failing is the many emotions that instantly hit me in the initial stages from being upset to being annoyed.

I guess that I feel these emotions of being annoyed and upset due to the pressure on myself, which upon reflection is a lot, and I guess that’s because I feel that I am always trying to prove something to myself or someone. So when you add failure into the mix of pressure, I feel like I can’t live up to my standards, and I am not as smart, as people tell me I am.

It’s almost as if they have miscalculated, and are saying “oh you see that person she looks smart but she is not” because let’s be honest people like to talk when people fail. Anyway, enough about other people that can be a whole other blog post in its self.

This concept of pressure and how it has an impact on failure reminds me of a TV show I was watching recently, the episode titled failure is not an option. Highlighted how a child prodigy was dealing with her first experience of failure, which they saw as unacceptable and also received the advice that “failure is part of the journey to success “

Which nicely acts as a Segway into my next point, another part of failure for me is the reflection, which I mainly do after the initial shock. It also allows me to learn so many lessons, with one of them being that it is important to ask for help and that doesn’t make you weak, as people can be there to offer help, it also has given me time to self-evaluate and change strategies.


By Tope Onanuga

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