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Crack the Industry

Crack the Industry

How to see the cogs of the industry and find your way through them

Mission Report – July 2020

To Past Self,

You’ve made excellent progress so far. You began this mission at the beginning of the year with absolutely no idea how the industry worked, how anything is run or gets made, what the chain of power was or the hierarchy of these organisations. You didn’t know what any of these job titles meant, what people in the industry actually do, who made decisions and what power and influence they have.

You saw it as a fortress that you cannot enter. The guards saw you as an outsider and kept you out. They saw your abilities but could see your ignorance and blocked your way. You could only catch glimpses of what was behind the gates and what you saw was beautiful. It was a whole universe of endless possibility, in a language you spoke. It looked like home at last.

But all the knowledge, information and experience was locked away for those born behind the walls. You nearly walked away – after all, how can you work in the arts when you don’t even know what’s available? It felt like you didn’t deserve this world and you were not worthy to be part of it, no matter how much you worked. That it was not for you, it was only for a select few.

Congratulations are in order for the work you’ve done six months into the Making LEMONADE programme. You’ve gained field experience by going into these spaces as a group for workshops, talks, and cultural trips. They’ve given you some cool gadgets and shown you how to use them, such as Your Own Sense of Self-Worth, Therapy, Equity Pot, Self-Care and Confidence. You’ve become stronger and better equipped with these gadgets – they’ve been your armour, your weapons, your source of healing. They’ve got you out of tricky situations and helped you get into the spaces you wanted to be in. Behind every gadget was someone who built it. You carried their love and their belief in you every time you used those tools.

We have people on the inside. There are people behind the walls who are determined to let you in. They’ve been unlocking doors, sharing maps, passing out knowledge and passcodes to get past the guards and break down the gate. They’ve given their time and energy, from in-depth conversations to offering the chance to shadow their work. They’ve mentored you, allowing you to bring your curiosity and questions. They’ve walked you through processes and structures step by step with patience and generosity. These people have become your allies, your team, your friends and your family. As they’ve shared their knowledge, the collective power generated from your unity has increased. It’s built you into the leader that you are now, and you know to do the same for those around you.

Your fellow Lemons have been exercising radical generosity through sharing resources, things they’ve read, opportunities they’ve found, skills they’ve learnt. Your network has gone from no one to include some of the most important people in the industry.

You’ve also had training workshops to help you become your most powerful self. Your notebook is a toolkit bursting with knowledge and information. Leave the doors open behind you. If you start shutting them as you walk further in, you’ll find yourself alone and facing a closed door you cannot open alone. Be ready to ask and to receive. Trust your Lemons family.

Your next mission is to go deeper. Now you know what sort of questions to ask, keep asking them and find new ones. As your eyes get trained to seeing the cogs, look at where you can make upgrades – or stick a wrench in. This is all part of the takeover where we break all the barriers because this shouldn’t be a fortress. This should be part of the world. It’s scary and overwhelming but you can do it. You are not alone. You are part of an army. Every movement begins with one step at a time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

From Future Self

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