How can we rebuild an inclusive cultural and creative industry where everyone is enabled to thrive?

At the start of June, we brought together the movers and shakers of the creative and cultural industries, to take a seat at our table. Each roundtable was designed and co-led by our 12 incredible Young Leaders currently participating in our experiential creative leadership programme – Making LEMONADEHere was the invite:

COVID-19 has turned the creative and cultural industries on its head – this is the biggest collective “sour lemon” we have ever experienced. 

As it happens, our Young Leaders are experts in turning sour lemons into lemonade. This is not the first time we’ve lived through uncertainty and chaos. 

Our lived experiences have given us a mindset and a specialist set of skills that are enabling us to hold on to hope of a better future. 

We’re inviting you to explore how we can all use this opportunity to create an inclusive and equitable industry where everyone thrives. 

Where we could finally broaden the types of stories that get told, and more importantly, who gets to tell them. 

Allowing everyone to see and be seen through creativity. 


At the end of each Roundtable, our guests were invited to write personal pledges for how they will use their power to ensure the creative and cultural industries are rebuilt with inclusion at the heart. 

The ripple effect has been insane! We’ve been inundated with requests for follow up workshops and speaking opportunities to continue provoking the industry to use this opportunity to change. 

🍋 Christy, Adrian and Mabinty spoke to 250+ people at What Next? and led the attendees through a self-reflective free writing exercise about power and privilege.

🍋 Cain & Mabinty ran a Zesting Workshop in response to Black Lives Matter at Sadler’s Wells with 80 employees.

🍋 Bel, Christy and Bashiie were commissioned by the Cultural Learning Alliance to write a blog about their experience of facilitating a roundtable.

🍋 Sade was invited by Baroness Deborah Bull and Baroness Genista “Jenny” McIntosh to speak alongside The Advocacy Academy and Beatfreeks at the House of Lords about the impact of COVID-19 on emerging creatives.

And it continues…

We are overwhelmed with pride at what our Young Leaders achieved and the space they were able to hold with integrity, grace and resilience – only six months into their leadership journey with us. Our role is not to educate or to fix, we hold up mirrors that allow people and organisations to consider how they are Enabling Environments where everyone can thrive.

And they did just that. And some. 

I want to work with each and every person who facilitated the roundtables. It was clear there was an objective, and the creative delivery was kind, supportive  and brilliant. 

Suzanne Alleyne

Cultural Thinker

Keep doing them and keep making it a learning opportunity for people who have power and status, as well as people who have ideas and potential

Mags Patten

Executive Director, Arts Council England

Your leadership, expertise and passion are apparent. We’d follow you further, and I’d love to take part in even deeper conversations led by you around power and  structural racism. 

Kris Nelson

Artistic Director @ LIFT

What’s Your Pledge? 

We’ve created a simple form that anyone can use to submit their own commitment to dismantling systemic injustice.

When was the last time you considered who was sat around your table? 

What actions can you take to make sure the tables you are sitting at are reflective of London? Of your community? Of people who come from walks of life that are different to yours? 

How are you using your platform to lift up Black and Brown communities?  

Submit your pledge to our Company Assistant, Georgia and she will turn it into a Sour Lemons graphic that you can share with your networks.

We will follow up with you in a few months time to see how you are getting on and if we can help you to achieve your ambitions.