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We are recruiting: Facilitators

Enabling Environments: Facilitator callout

Who are we?

We are a charity disrupting decision making tables in the creative and cultural sectors. Turning sour lemons into lemonade, one at a time.

Our award-winning programme Making LEMONADE is for exceptionally talented young leaders who happen to be underrepresented. The programme encourages them to nurture their lived experiences, to hold true to their core whilst navigating an industry that excludes them and creating their own opportunities.

Enabling Environments was born out of the recognition that it’s not enough to only focus on the individual making lemonade. It exists to hold the industry to account by turning anti-racist statements of intent, into meaningful and equitable action plans.

Our mission is ambitious and as it stands – no-one is offering this approach. It is not unconscious bias training. Enabling Environments is a bespoke intervention that interrogates systems of oppression, putting the responsibility on the organisation to change – not the individual.

So, what’s the job, and why now?

After a surprisingly busy year, we’re now looking to grow our capacity in order to hit the ground running in 2021. We’re moving boldly to reimagine the organisational structure at Sour Lemons which includes welcoming a new Director of Programmes and building a shiny cohort of freelance facilitators (AKA you, we hope) to train in the Sour Lemons methodology and facilitate workshops within Enabling Environments.

Who are we looking for?

As a starting point, we want to hear from people who knew that structural inequality in the UK existed prior to Covid-19 or the amplification of Black Lives Matter. We’re not looking for performative allies or people who are new to facilitating conversations about race. Likewise, we aren’t looking for someone who is married to their way of doing things and not open to learning from our approach.

Ultimately, we’re seeking people who:

  • Are led by curiosity, a radical imagination and a desire for change
  • Give and receive abundantly
  • Are genuinely enlivened by the chance to deliver holistic, impactful anti-oppressive work
  • Unapologetically seek to challenge the status quo, even when it’s compromising
  • Confidently probe to know more·delve into the past to understand who and why they are today
  • Have a robust knowledge of how cultural organisations such as performing arts venues, museums and galleries and advertising agencies operate day-to-day (this isn’t essential but definitely helps)

We know that a variety of experiences and backgrounds (culturally, professionally, ethnically, academically, creatively… you get the idea) leads to a dynamic team, a rich company culture and a holistic environment for deepening interpersonal understanding. It may all sound a bit kumbaya but this is exactly the kind of environment we wish to shape at Sour Lemons: promoting a sense of safety and belonging for a team who are acutely aware of the world around them.

What experience will you have?

First things first, you are an anti-racist practitioner and an advocate for systemic change. You are committed to creating equitable spaces for black & brown people, and those with lived experience of racism in the workplace.

Regardless of your personal politics, you will be consistently engaged in making the world a fairer place for all and can get behind the Sour Lemonsapproach to disrupting.

You are a confident public speaker with an ability to hold space for people’s thoughts and feelings, even if you disagree with them yourself. You may have built up this confidence and resilience by working as an educator (teaching, tutoring, lecturing), coach, advisor, social scientist.

You may or may not have formal qualifications, but you are passionate about learning and self-development. Regardless of your academic background, you are experiential in your thinking, grounded by research, but not prohibited by it. You have experience of putting theory into practice.

Is Sour Lemons right for you?

Our approach is holistic; we draw from a myriad of resources, thinkers, innovators, artists, activists and community organisers. We are unapologetically working towards collective liberation and believe that until everyone is free, no one is free.

Our mission is to make it impossible for organisations to not be aware of how systemic racism manifests. Our hope is that once they become aware, they will choose to actively be anti-racist – in their behaviours, policies, processes and ideas.

Our role is to hold up mirrors that enable self-reflection and the possibility to explore with abundance. Our process of accountability is without shame or blame; we believe these are oppressive tools and are not helpful for progress.

Our practice orbits around a culture of:

  • Radical generosity – traveling with the benefit of the doubt.
  • Groundedness – being prepared to be vulnerable.·Leveraging your power – influence, speak truth, model and mandate.
  • Unlearning together – supporting each other in a safe, confidential space.

If you could tick everything in that list, you better keep reading…

What do you get from working with Sour Lemons?

A genuine investment in you and your potential

We actively listen to our team and are responsive to their praise, critique and questions. You will begin your journey with a three-day training process in February 2021 where you will be coached through our methodology and delivery style. There will be ongoing training and reflective moments to make sure we are learning from each other and capturing insights as we go.

A nurturing environment that takes into account your lived experience

Our teams are intentionally mixed – this includes white facilitators who can hold affinity spaces with white participants. We won’t lie and pretend this work is easy; it’s uncomfortable and challenging, most especially for Black and Brown facilitators. We understand feelings of vulnerability or triggering memories of past events can come up when you least expect it, so we’re committed to offering therapeutic decompression spaces for all of our facilitators with a shared racial identity. It’s crucial for us to reiterate that your feelings are valid in this work and a safe space to share this is a necessity.

Flexibility and consistency

With a busy 2021 on the horizon, we want to guarantee our freelancers regular work, providing a little security to what can seem like a daunting and unclear future. We will aim to make sure that you’re delivering on the same days each week as much as possible and that you are able to follow one client on a journey over a long period – providing continuity for both you and them!

A fee that reflects the value of your time

Our freelance facilitators are paid £400 for a full day (£250 for training) and everyone is paid on the 25th of each month. If programmes are delivered in person, we’ll top this up to account for any travel or lunch expenses incurred. Workshops are never longer than 2.5 hours and you will deliver a maximum of two a day with a big break in the middle.

Contracts that make sense

We won’t over-complicate the commitment by dashing fancy words or unnecessary clauses in your contract; though we’re a zesty bunch, we like to keep legal stuff plain and simple.

How to apply

We welcome applications that are in written, audio or video form. All applications can be submitted via this form.

Here are some tips of what to include:

  1. Let’s get to know each other – what are your passions and do they relate to your work? What drives you to get up and face the world?
  2. With such a turbulent year almost behind us, what has 2020 taught you and what are some things are you hopeful for in 2021?
  3. What are some skills that you’re looking to develop? Whether you want to learn how to bake banging banana bread or be able to cite your sources at lightspeed, we want to know how you’re looking to upskill yourself – we may just be able to help.
  4. Tell us about why you’re drawn to this role. What are your personal politics and how will working with Sour Lemons enable you to achieve your vision for justice? Are you actively campaigning for the liberation of specific underrepresented groups? Have you just posted another blog post on why certain issues matter to you (if so, please share it with us!). Whatever it is, we want to know why us and why now.

Written application

Try to keep it at 500 words or fewer. We’re not looking for essayists or copywriters (at least not right now).

Audio/video application

  • Speak slowly and clearly, we want to hear what you’ve got to say! If you’re using your phone, try not to block where your mic is so the sound is picked up clearly.
  • No more than four minutes (we will stop listening if you go over!)
  • Make sure you are clearly in the frame (video). As much as we may love your background, remember that you are the star of the show.
  • You can send it to us via WeTransfer or you can upload your video as a Vimeo / YouTube and make it private.

Any questions?

Please get in touch with Amber ( and she will do her best to help you.

And finally, the timeline

Deadline: Monday 25th January 2021.

Synergy meetings: w/c 1st and w/c 8th Feb 2021

Training: 23rd/24th/25th February

Delivery: March – October 2021


We look forward to hearing from you!

Sour Lemons Team

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