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Sour Lemons Dismantling Racism

Making the truth irresistible

Our mission is to make the truth irresistible – if it’s impossible to deny how racism manifests, it becomes impossible to not do something about it.

Last year, we collectively witnessed the cultural sector’s knee jerk response to the racist murder of George Floyd. Black boxes and statements of intent flew up on socials. Phrases like ‘it’s not enough to not be racist, you have to be actively anti-racist’ flooded our timelines. As an organisation responding to systemic racism, we were inundated with requests to ‘fix’ the cultural sector. 

We chose to respond, rather than react and rejected any offer for short-term, one-off workshops – this was not ‘new news’ to us, so even though the sector was operating with urgency, we knew that it would not change overnight.

Instead, we flexed our abundant mindsets and radical imaginations, and invited cultural institutions to show up and commit to the long term, uncomfortable work that is required to transform and heal the damages of injustice. 

Today, we are gassed to announce that both the Royal Court Theatre and the Young Vic have joined our first cohort of Big Squeeze Partnerships; two-year strategic interventions to identify and dismantle systemic racism within their organisations. 

The commitment they are making in creating a culture that is accountable and hostile to racism, sends a strong message to the rest of the industry. It forces everyone to acknowledge that racism is happening over here – not ‘over there, in America’ or in another institution – it’s here, in the UK and in our sector. 

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