Levelling the playing field for young leaders from diverse walks of life


Making LEMONADE is our flagship leadership programme for 18-25 year olds who have experienced a sour lemon (or two) in life.

We delivered a very successful pilot in 2017 and have been busy collaborating with our Alumni and partners to make a bigger (and badder) version for 2020.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards our journey, this wouldn’t be possible without you!

A special thank you to Arts Council England ‘Transforming Leadership’ Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund ‘Lived Expereince’ Fund. 


Sour Lemons Blog

Masterclass 1: Sour Lemons Lowdown

It´s a wet Thursday evening, 6.30pm as a group of 12 young leaders gradually form at the entrance of the Barbican Centre. Everybody coming from a different direction of the massive complex, we very quickly make up a little ball of energy as we infuse one another with...

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One Big Fat Goal

I am so proud to introduce the first EVER cohort of Sour Lemons young leaders! They are funny, inspiring, talented, dedicated, perceptive and humble. They possess the qualities that our industry is so desperately in need of and their taste, backgrounds, outlooks and...

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Leadership Bootcamp 1

On Saturday 22nd March 2017 all the participants of the Creative Leadership Programme met at The Roundhouse in Camden for the first full day intensive for Sour Lemons. We got to know each other better through writing out our expectations for the programme, outlining...

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Sade Brown: Social Entrepreneur

Our Founder Sade Brown has been featured in E1Life's 1st Birthday Issue as an inspiring social entrepreneur! 'As a teenager Sade was firmly in self-destruct mode, skipping school, hanging out with a bad crowd, dabbling with drink and drugs and getting into trouble...

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