Amber London-Lawday

PA to Founder & Chief Exec, Sade Banks

Amber is an actor, singer and creative gal from London. She is a big fan of Doctor Who, loves roast potatoes and obsesses over old knitted cardigans; she also knits… Badly. Working in the arts – acting, singing and having a boogie; whilst also doing press and marketing on the other side of the curtain, Amber has huge respect for the industry and the people in it who make it thrive, from all aspects.

At Sour Lemons, Amber is known as The Gatekeeper (not really but let’s make it happen), she is Sade’s PA and her role is mostly making Sade’s life a little easier, enabling her to continue to be her brilliant self.

Amber loves meeting new people and hearing stories, having a laugh (and a cry) at shared experiences. She is thrilled to be a part of the Sour Lemons team; who are working hard to make the creative and cultural sector better for those who are often brushed past.


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