Our Tribe //

The Sour Lemons family is made up of a myriad of thinkers, innovators, artists, activists, resisters and community organisers.

Facilitators //

These are our facilitators AKA our Thrive Engineers! They deliver all of our workshops in organisations and support with strategic interventions in relation to their expertise. Each person had their fingers in multiple pies, dismantling, disrupting, agitating and activating racial equity across the UK and beyond!

Trustees //

The Sour Lemons trustees are radically generous and gift their time to support our strategic vision and accountability practice. They are experts who think abundantly and happen to be diverse (and we mean that in the literal sense of the word!).

Alumni //

Our Making Lemonade alumni are making waves in the creative and cultural sectors, disrupting the spaces they are taking up and, importantly, leaving ladders down for future leaders.

Young Leaders //

Meet the Young Leaders class of 2020. It’s been a tough year and the programme has had to adapt, due to some additional sour lemons in the form of Covid-19, but they’ve taken it all in their stride and well and truly made LEMONADE!