On week 3 of our Sour Lemons journey we were invited to the Tate Britain to speak with Leyla the Tate Collectives Producer. I was very excited for this session as I had been to the Tate Modern many times but I had never been to the Tate Britain.

The english weather was in full effect for all of us making our way there, and unfortunately we all turned up to the Tate Britain soaked in rain, except for some clever lemons who were ready with umbrellas. But after we all arrived we were taken to what seemed like a classroom and we broke the ice by going around the group and talking about our week so far and describing our moods with each other.

We were introduced to Leyla who looks after the management of the social media accounts for the Tate Collectives. We went around the group to introduce ourselves to Leyla and re-capped on each of our goals that we set for ourselves in the first week.

Leyla then told us more about her role at the Tate, and showed us a diagram of the Tate’s social media plan, focusing on their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. It was set out like a spreadsheet and I was blown away by the amount of detail in the planning and what kind of content was used specifically for different platforms. It really opened my mind to the way I use my own social media sites, I personally post quite freely and don’t think too deeply into what picture or video is best suited for any kind of social media site, but seeing how they run there social media sites really made me think of switching up the way I do things.

When the whole gang arrived we were then taken through to the actual Tate Britain gallery, we had it all to ourselves as we were there after hours. It is an amazing building with such character that you can just feel as you walk through it. 

 We sat ourselves down in the middle of the room and started our main session as a group where we brainstormed our ideas on what we can achieve together and what kind of impact we have as a group when collaborating. It was a fun session where we all shared our ideas and got to know each other a bit better, we then took loads of group photos of us in the Tate Britain.

Overall it was another powerful meet up with the Sour Lemons team! I gained a lot from it and learnt some new things.

  • The Tate Britain showcases art from Britain from 1500 to the present day
  • How to separate the content you create for different social media platforms
  • Tips on how to grow your social media
  • How the Tate runs there social media and sets goals for their work.

The team is growing stronger as we go each week and we are all empowering each other! Its an exciting time and I look forward to the coming months!

By Ryan AKA Mr Sanders