On Saturday 22nd March 2017 all the participants of the Creative Leadership Programme met at The Roundhouse in Camden for the first full day intensive for Sour Lemons. We got to know each other better through writing out our expectations for the programme, outlining our career goals, debating what we think makes a great leader and collaborating to make the first ever Sour Lemons manifesto. It was a day full of great conversations and I felt like by the end of it I understood what brought everyone together and how we would all compliment each other with our differing talents and capabilities.Our group ranges from filmmakers, radio personalities, rappers, producers, actors, dancers, teachers, spoken word artists and more.

We all have a common goal which is to uplift ourselves and others in the arts community, create meaningful work and become the most successful version of ourselves.

Parts of the day that stood out for me

  • Debating about what a great leader is
  • Team building and learning about everyone individually
  • Creating the Manifesto

Overall I had a great experience and felt like I learned a lot about what is to come and I am very excited for the future.

By Marissa Mireles Hinds