The Big Squeeze //

The Big Squeeze - Illustration by Lizzie Reid

The Big Squeeze Partnership runs over two years and is an iterative and adaptive process that responds to the needs of the organisations we are working with.

We root all actions in response to the lived experiences of Black and Global Majority People working within the organisation.

Our current Big Squeeze Partners are Young Vic and Royal Court Theatre. Every six months we will be publishing our learnings and holding a dialogue with the industry about the challenges and opportunities of dismantling systemic racism.

Learning Cycles //

We are open to expressions of interest for the next cohort of partners starting in September 2021.

Work with Us 

Zesting (organisations) //

The Big Squeeze - Illustration by Lizzie Reid

Shedding the top layer

We are striving for collective liberation and believe that until everyone is free, no one is free.

We are introducing a new course June 2021 for leaders in large organisations who are interested in becoming a Big Squeeze Partner. This is an opportunity for us both to test each other out before committing to a two year partnership.

The course runs for six weeks and will support you to advocate for anti-racism practice within your organisation (whether we decide to partner or not). You will be supported to:

  • Unpack how systemic racism and white supremacy manifest in the cultural sector and your organisation
  • Consider your individual and collective prejudices, power and privileges, alongside your responsibility to uphold or dismantle a system of oppression
  • Explore alternative practices, policies and systems that centre people with lived experience of racism and do not seek to cause harm
  • Develop an accountability toolkit and establish a community of intent to travel with as you activate your anti-racism practice


Zesting (individuals) //

In order to be successful in transforming the cultural sector into an environment that enables everyone to thrive, we need to support leaders both within organisations, and those who float between as freelance creatives.

We believe that one of the core pillars of white supremacy is storytelling – harmful narratives that uphold a myth that Black people are inferior. This seeps through society at every level from education to healthcare, and importantly for our work, through the stories that are presented on our screens and stages.

We’re piloting a new evening course that supports freelance creatives to begin their anti-racism practice and develop the analytical skills to dismantle stories that centre whiteness and perpetuate racist narratives.