Enabling Environments

Moving away from diversity schemes that are designed to ‘slot people in’ and starting to dismantle the system designed to keep them out.

‘It’s not enough to only focus on the individual making lemonade’

When I founded Sour Lemons, I was riddled with survivors guilt – Why am I the only person ‘allowed’ to sit at this table? 

A year into launching Making LEMONADE – our flagship creative leadership programme for young leaders who have experienced a ‘sour lemon’ or two in life – the systems designed to prevent people like me from reaching the top became a lot clearer.

Continuing to only focus on the individual making lemonade was repeating my experiences of assimilation and I had no choice. Once you know, you know.

I designed Enabling Environments to interrogate systems of oppression and put the responsibility back on to the organisations to change – not the individual. Systemic racism is not a new concept, but the amplification of Black Lives Matter has taken the conversation to a new level. And we are here for it.

Our role is not to educate or to fix, we hold up mirrors that allow organisations to consider how they are Enabling Environments where everyone can thrive. This work is in depth and systemic which means it won’t be ‘fixed’ overnight.

This is not a ‘black’ problem. This is an ‘everyone’ problem. And now is the time to do something about it.



Shedding the top layer. Half day workshops to think deeply about your role in upholding the system and most importantly, what you can do to begin dismantling it.

The Big Squeeze

We’re inviting applications for three strategic partners to work with us over two years, to turn their Anti-Racist Statements into Action Plans with accountability built in.