Divya Satwani

Programme Producer and Alumni

Divya Satwani is a creative producer, dancer, and founder of The Performance Lab (who produced sellout event Cut The Bakwaas at Rich Mix London & The Lyric Hammersmith). She has just recently become the Programme Producer at Sour Lemons, and feels passionate about creating safe accessible spaces for diverse talent to thrive in the industry, having experienced a sour lemon or two in life, herself. 

She has worked on a number of creative projects, festivals and events including work with: Royal Academy of Dance, Battersea Arts Centre, Science Gallery London, Southbank Centre, Apple’s & Snakes, Rich Mix & Livity.

“Sour Lemons was a constant source of energy and inspiration for me during those early stages of starting my creative journey as a producer. It’s been so exciting to reshape the Making LEMONADE programme so its stronger than ever, and I cannot wait to meet the next cohort of Lemon’s and walk alongside them, just as Sade did for us!”