James Morton


James is a writer, theatre maker, facilitator, dramaturg and event manager.

Sour Lemons gave him the confidence, connections and skills to grow into what he wanted to do in the creative industries and to make steps towards that. As a direct result of being part of Sour Lemons James gained a place on Soho Writers Lab in 2018 where he wrote his first full length play ‘Father’s Son’ which was shortlisted for the Tony Craze Award in 2018. It had a reading at Soho Theatre in 2019 and was then produced at VAULT festival in February 2020 to 4 star reviews.

Being an alumni of Sour Lemons has also led to James to working for us in various capacities currently as an Evaluation Officer and Creative Practitioner on our Measuring Impact work and led directly to him working for Empathy Museum as an event manager.