Sour Lemons increases diverse leadership within the creative, cultural and social sectors.

At the heart of Sour Lemons is the belief that any disadvantage in life can be turned into an advantage. In other words, any sour lemon can become lemonade.

Our creative leadership programmes level the playing field for young leaders who have experienced a sour lemon or two in life.

We tool up our young leaders to provide diversity and inclusion consultancy services based on their own experiences of being excluded from decision making tables. 

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By nurturing raw talent and promoting diverse approaches to problem-solving, we will develop the next generation of creative leaders.

In April this year we launched our first ever Creative Leadership Programme and welcomed 12 diverse young leaders into the Sour Lemons family.

Over the next year, they will gain a practical insight into the qualities of great leadership, the cultural landscape in London and the capabilities they will need to thrive in a creative business environment.

Delivered in partnership with a range of organisations, this will be an opportunity for them to have new experiences, gain knowledge and develop professional networks that will put them on an equal footing to compete in their chosen career field.

Sour Lemons Launch Event September 2016. SLAM King's Cross

Organisations & Individuals Contributing to Sour Lemons

We are so grateful to our brilliant partners for giving up their time and expertise to deliver content on the Creative Leadership Programme.

In our first year alone we have secured over £70,000 in-kind support from individuals who believe in Sour Lemons, including space hire, workshop facilitators, offices space, consultancy and mentorship. So thank you, Sour Lemons wouldn’t be possible without your generosity!

We also want to say a very special thank you to the 130 individuals that supported the crowdfund campaign at Christmas and raised £6,000 between them. You know who you are – thank you!


Sour Lemons is a registered charity: 1172598. We are based in The Exchange at Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA.