Disrupting creative and cultural decision making tables with leaders who happen to be underrepresented. Turning one sour lemon into lemonade at a time. Enabling Environments Nurturing Leadership

Enabling Environments

Moving away from diversity schemes that are designed to ‘slot people in’ and starting to dismantle the system designed to keep them out.

Nurturing Leadership

Our flagship Programme Making LEMONADE Levels the playing field for 12 exceptional young leaders who happen to be diverse.

Our Model is Working

Young Leaders aged 18-25 from across London completed our Pilot Creative Leadership Programme in 2017.


Agree it was a game changer & gave them the confidence to own their narrative and use it to make change happen.


Used the programme to create new opportunities in employment, training or entrepreneurship that felt purposeful to them.


Are still part of the Lemon family and continue to support as consultants, peer mentors, producers, creatives and trustees.

Our Alumni are bossing it…


  • Working for Sour Lemons as consultants & sitting on the board of trustees 
  • Winning awards to produce and lead their own creative content and projects
  • Securing jobs with companies they are proud to work for (and getting jobs made for them)
  • Giving talks, inspiring the next generation and role modelling generous leadership
  • Receiving commissions, residencies and fellowships
  • Collaborating with each other to further the connections they built during the programme.