Sour Lemons Creative Leadership Programme 2017

Our pilot programme launched in April with 12 diverse Young Leaders ready to make their impact on the Creative Industries.

Photos taken by Henrique Wooding – Sour Lemons Young Leader 2017. @henriquejosias


Young Leaders


Over the next six months they will gain the skills, experiences and networks needed to create their own opportunities and career pathways. Across the programme they will be exposed to over 15 different organisations, who will teach them skills like budgeting, producing, marketing and fundraising.

We will eat dinner together once a month with an inspiring leader at the top of their game, who will share with us their secrets to success. Every Young Leader is matched with a mentor who will work with them during the programme and for six months afterwards.

We’ll go on creative trips to watch theatre, visit exhibitions and experience festivals. There will be Leadership bootcamps that include creative workshops and before the programme finishes we will practice interview techniques, upgrade our CV’s and develop personal statements tooHalfway through, they will work as a team to design, plan and produce their own event for a live audience.

We can confidentially say that there is nothing else like this out there but what makes this programme so unique is the Young Leaders themselves. They are hungry, talented and passionate individuals who want to make positive change for themselves and for the next generation.

Collectively they are a powerhouse and we are very proud to be a small part of their journey to creative leadership.

We are proud to be associated. Marcus Davey

CEO, The Roundhouse

Meet The Mentors

Jules Haworth

Education Manager



Shereen Phillips

Community Coordinator 



Yolanda Mercy 

Writer & Performer



Zoe Souter

Marketing Manager




Creative Director


Laura Whitticase

Senior Manager


Sam Benjamin

Actor & Playwright


Joe Gray

Creative Consultant & Sour Lemons Trustee

Kane Husbands 

Movement Director 



Kazim Kazim 

Creative Entrepreneur    



Shem Lawrence  

Creative Director